Brunson: Players with big contracts cannot ignore the need to fight for their teammates in the mid-season


On December 4, Philipines time, Knicks player Brunson accepted an interview with the media, during which he talked about the 500,000 bonus for the mid-season championship.

“For guys like us who have big contracts and a ball to play for, it’s not fair to our teammates to say we don’t care. These guys work hard every day and they might not get what they want. playing time, but they have a professionalism. Everyone is equally important, so you have to take everything seriously,” Brunson said.

The runner-up team in the mid-season tournament will receive a bonus of US$200,000, and all teams that advance to the semifinals will receive a bonus of US$100,000.

The Knicks and Bucks have both advanced to the quarterfinals of the mid-season tournament. The quarterfinals between the two teams will officially start at 8:30 a.m. on December 6, Beijing time.

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