Helpful Hints to Win at Online Sabong

Cockfighting, also known as sabong, has been a favorite sport and part of the nation for many years. It’s amazing how this fighting sport has stayed strong over time. But in the last ten years, cockfighting has changed with technology.

These days, you can place bets no matter where you are by using online cockfighting or eSabong. The idea behind online sabong is like regular cockfighting. Each fight has two roosters. They try to win by attacking each other for control. The favorite in the group is named ‘Ilamado’ and the less popular one is called ‘dejado’.

Some Useful Tips on How to Win Big in the World of Online Sabong

Pick the Rooster That has Won More Times

Luckily, on the internet sabong, you can understand how strong the fighting bird is. At the end of a live fight with cocks, there is an area called trends. It has several colored circles in different colors.
The red circle shows how many times you won, which is meron. The blue circle tells the number of losses or wala. The yellow circle shows the number of brawls. You just need to see which color stands out in the trends area so you know what roosters will win upcoming games.

Look at the Rooster’s Shape and Actions

Before the battle starts, people who bet and others watching can see which fighting bird is better. This is much like how people get to see roosters in the ring before COVID-19 times.

See how they fly, jump, and use their beak during this time. You need to check their quickness, power, and endurance as well. Endurance matters because you must see if the fighting bird can keep going even after getting hurt.

You should also look at the roosters’ feathers. A bright cockfight chicken shows it’s well-fed and healthy. A rooster that’s not very bright shows it fought before. Because of its past, it might be hard for them to win.

Listen to the Announcers About How well the Roosters are Doing

Like in regular cockfighting, there are broadcasters for online sabong live too. They talk about the match, which makes the fight more exciting.
Before the game starts, people who talk about it say how good each fighting bird will be. These include wins, losses, and draws along with their current weight. You should bet on the one who has won often.

More than Just Betting Online

Since people from all parts of the world can take part in online cockfighting, there are many chances to earn money. But, the cash in online sabong is not only about betting on which rooster wins. You can earn a lot of money by growing strong fighting birds that are ready to battle in the ring.
To grow special roosters, you must give them the proper place to live. They need to be allowed to do normal chicken actions. Also, you must keep them safe from potential danger and bad creatures. To watch your chickens closely, you need to buy really good quality fencing nets.


Understanding how to succeed in the online arena is crucial. But remember that there are times when video games aren’t fair. Plans might also increase your chances of winning. You should select 747live a reputable, law-abiding online cockfighting venue that is equitable. Before you place a wager, you should also watch the roosters. Additionally, consider the historical actions they took. In the end, when engaging in online sabotage, you should use caution and knowledge. If you want to enjoy yourself more in online sabong you can visit JBet88 and possibly win anything.