Keno – The Rules and Mechanism

Keno is a game in the casino. Players pick 1 to 10 numbers from a list of 80, like bingo. You are given money according to how many numbers you guessed right in keno lotto after picking them.
A machine like the ones used in lottery and bingo games is how traditional keno draws are done. They use a ball-like thing for this purpose. Players get points if any of their numbers match 20 balls that are chosen randomly. More matching numbers mean more payment.

A machine that gives out random numbers chooses picks for online games. Keno online prize money is the same as in normal game but how they draw and special things differ for each online casino site.

When players choose their numbers, casino keno software picks 20 random ones to find out who won.
In this game, the more numbers you guess right on your card compared to casino’s draws decide how much money you win.

Tips on playing Keno:

Keno gameplay mechanics is straightforward. Before playing you need to be familiar with the rules. We’ll explain the keno rules:

1. Starting the game, you get a card or see a chart that has all 80 numbers from 1 to 80.
2. Place a bet on which numbers you think will show up in the draw.
3. You choose your numbers then put money on them. Then the game starts to pick a winner.
4. You win if any of your numbers match 20 balls that are picked randomly. Bigger match numbers mean more money in return.

Players usually mark 1 to 10 numbers on their cards; however, some online casinos allow 15 or 20.

Different types of Keno Bet

Keno has several bet types. Make sure you understand these bet types:

Straight – A single bet on marked numbers. The easiest and most usual keno bet. Games usually allow 15-number bets.

Way – The objective is for players to take a collection of numbers and divide them into equal subgroups or ways. Duplicate numbers are prohibited; each number can only appear once.

Split – Players can place bets on multiple sets of numbers, treating each set as an independent entity in the game.

Combination Ticket – Also called combo bet. Players mark many number groups and play combinations.

King Ticket – This is like the split bet, but players choose a King number to appear in all their groups. The King will distinguish itself.

Keno Odds

Keno odds are simple. The chance is based on how many numbers the player picks and gets right. Pick more numbers to make your odds better at catching them. Odds determine awards. Most games use 80 numbered balls. Your card has spots that you need to match and these are called “catches.” During each round, the game draws out 20 balls. The chance of every place showing up in a sketch is 1 out of 4, or one-quarter.


Finally, that you already read our easy guide on how to play, it’s time for the best keno game. You already have the information and tips that will help you along the way. This is true whether your lucky numbers come from a special event or just those that keep showing up on top. You can play keno easily at the top online casinos on 747Live for your enjoyment.