Reeves: You can’t completely guard Haliburton

On December 10th, Philippines time, the Lakers defeated the Pacers 123-109 and won the mid-season championship this season. Lakers player Austin Reeves was interviewed after the game.

Reeves talked about the team’s defense against Haliburton, the core of the Pacers. Reeves said: “It is difficult to guard against a selfless and talented player like Haliburton. He always plays the game the right way. We just try to make it as uncomfortable for him as possible, and we try to cut off his passing lanes and disrupt his rhythm. But like I said, you can’t completely guard him.”

Reeves also talked about the performance of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Reeves said: “When the two best players on your team perform like this, the whole team will be inspired. (Leaves Brown) is very focused, he has done every detail, you can see that he plays more seriously, he wants to add another championship to his honor room.”

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Reeves: You can’t completely guard Haliburton